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Downloads to your local computer should be saved in a date stamped folder, otherwise the next download will overwrite the last download.

Predictions below are in three formats:


Click on the FX pair in the right column to view and download the chart of VRM levels

AUD-NZD Australian Dollar - New Zealand Dollar - CHART
AUD-USD Australian Dollar - US Dollar - CHART
EUR-CAD Euro - Canadian Dollar - CHART
EUR-CHF Euro - Swiss Franc - CHART
EUR-GBP Euro - UK Pound Sterling - CHART
EUR-JPY Euro - Japanese Yen - CHART
EUR-USD Euro - US Dollar - CHART
GBP-CAD UK Pound Sterling - Canadian Dollar - CHART
GBP-JPY UK Pound Sterling - Japanese Yen - CHART
GBP-USD UK Pound Sterling - US Dollar - CHART
USD-CAD US Dollar - Canadian Dollar - CHART
USD-CHF US Dollar - Swiss Franc - CHART
USD-JPY US Dollar - Japanese Yen - CHART
USD-NZD US Dollar - New Zealand Dollar - CHART

CSV files

Click on the FX pair to download the daily or weekly CSV file

AUD-NZD   Daily - CSV
AUD-NZD   Weekly - CSV
AUD-USD   Daily - CSV
AUD-USD   Weekly - CSV
EUR-CAD   Daily - CSV
EUR-CAD   Weekly - CSV
EUR-CHF   Daily - CSV
EUR-CHF   Weekly - CSV
EUR-GBP   Daily - CSV
EUR-GBP   Weekly - CSV
EUR-JPY   Daily - CSV
EUR-JPY   Weekly - CSV
EUR-USD   Daily - CSV
EUR-USD   Weekly - CSV
GBP-CAD   Daily - CSV
GBP-CAD   Weekly - CSV
GBP-JPY   Daily - CSV
GBP-JPY   Weekly - CSV
GBP-USD   Daily - CSV
GBP-USD   Weekly - CSV
USD-CAD  Daily - CSV
USD-CAD  Weekly - CSV
USD-CHF  Daily - CSV
USD-CHF  Weekly - CSV
USD-JPY  Daily - CSV
USD-JPY  Weekly - CSV
USD-NZD  Daily - CSV
USD-NZD  Weekly - CSV

ZIP file

Click on the link below to download the ZIP file containing all the current CHARTS and CSV files for 14 FX pairs.

Daily - ZIP File


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