Welcome to the Volatility Response Model:

A mathematical model for foreign exchange trading.


Candlestick charts have been used to trade since the 17th century, when Japanese traders used them for rice contracts.   The Volatility Response Model (VRM) calculates the constant mathematical relationship between the candlesticks in one time period and the next.  This relationship does not change over time. On this website you can download future VRM predictions for 14 different FX pairs that span tomorrow and the current week.

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The VRM calculates short and long term trend channels, daily support and resistance levels, and weekly support and resistance levels.  These levels provide a road map through which the price action moves during the next day and week.  Check out some recent predictions and results to see the VRM in action.

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We offer a monthly subscription to the VRM predictions with the first month as a trial period.  During the trial period, we will help you set up your charts and answer any of your questions.

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